Our 6 Best Healthy-ish Recipes For Fall

In this recipe roundup, check out a collection of our favorite “healthy-ish” recipes for fall for some seriously delicious (but also nutritious!) eats this season.

Fall is the ultimate time for warm and cozy comfort food. Casseroles, pastas, pies – you name it. There’s nothing quite so good on a brisk autumn day. But sometimes you want something that is both delicious AND nutritious. Well, I’ve got your back on this one.

If you’re on the hunt for some healthy fall recipe inspiration but still want to enjoy what you eat, then you’re in the right place. All of these healthy-ish recipes are packed with good-for-you foods but still have that nostalgic comforting feel. They’re perfect for the season AND your soul.

Our 6 Best Healthy-ish Recipes for Fall!

#1. Maple Cinnamon Lentil Granola

Starting off strong with one of the blog’s first and forever-favourite recipes. Nothing says “fall” quite like maple & cinnamon. This granola uses roasted lentils for extra protein but picky eaters would never be the wiser.

Maple Cinnamon Lentil Granola
This is NOT your average granola! Roasted lentils give this recipe an extra boost of protein and fiber to keep you full all morning. It's perfectly nutty and not-too-sweet!

#2. Thai Inspired Butternut Squash Soup

Celebrate soup season with a flavour-packed spin on a classic fall butternut squash soup recipe. Its creamy, a little spicy and packed full of roasted veggies.

Thai Inspired Butternut Squash Soup
This butternut squash soup recipe is full of Thai flavours with red curry paste, coconut milk, basil and lime. A steaming bowl of this creamy, spicy soup is sure to keep you warm on a cold fall night.
Thai inspired butternut squash soup in a speckled bowl, garnished with two basil leaves alongside a spoon and floral towel

#3. Sweet Molasses Dinner Rolls

These slightly sweet rolls are dark, rich and nutty with molasses, cocoa powder and 100% whole wheat flour. They’re the perfect accompaniment to a fall holiday meal or a steaming bowl of soup.

Sweet Molasses Dinner Rolls (100% Whole Wheat)
These soft and chewy Sweet Molasses Dinner Rolls are made with 100% whole wheat flour and lightly sweetened with molasses and cocoa powder. Slather with homemade herb butter and enjoy!
close up of whole wheat molasses dinner rolls topped with herb butter

#4. New Potatoes with Creamy Dill Sauce

Made with only 4 basic ingredients, these bite-sized spuds will have guests flocking to you for the recipe. Sometimes simple is best!

New Potatoes wth Creamy Dill Sauce
New potatoes lathered in a decadent creamy dill sauce. A simple yet impressive family-favorite side dish.

#5. Pumpkin Alfredo with Buttery Sage Breadcrumbs

The perfect healthy-ish recipe for fall date night or get togethers. This pumpkin Alfredo is creamy and delicious, just like the original. Adding pumpkin puree not only gives this pasta seasonal flair and a beautiful golden colour, but a boost in nutrition, too!

Pumpkin Alfredo with Buttery Sage Breadcrumbs
Enjoy a cozy fall meal in with hot fettuccine tossed in a silky pumpkin alfredo sauce, topped with buttery sage panko breadcrumbs.
pumpkin alfredo on a beige plate with a fork and spoon

#6 Easy Apple Cinnamon Turnovers with Phyllo Pastry

One of our most popular recipes to date, these apple-filled phyllo treats are like a dessert version of Greek spanakopita. With buttery, flaky pastry bursting with sweet cinnamon apple filling, these are sure to be a hit.

Easy Apple Cinnamon Turnover with Phyllo Pastry
Sweet cinnamon apples, maple and buttery phyllo pastry make for an irresistible reinvention of a classic apple pie. These Apple Cinnamon Turnovers are flaky, golden and full of fall flavor.
apple cinnamon turnovers piled on a plate

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